MUSAC, Contemporary Art Museum of Castille and Leon
February the 20th-June 19th, 2016

Wanda Jackson was the first to sing Hard Headed Woman in 1954 following the fast-paced style later called Rock and Roll. However, the song only became a hit when Elvis Presley recorded it in 1958 and he was considered to be the pioneer of this new style of music, thus hiding her contribution. This anecdote perfectly illustrates the role of women in many cultural and artistic fields, as well as, and with crystalline clarity, in the world of music. This role has changed over time, and although some barriers have been broken down, there still remains a certain “glass ceiling” that manifests itself in many ways. MUSAC’s Showcase Project is an exploration of women’s presence in music culture, its current state and its evolution over time.

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Girls! Why did you decide to start a band? was an audiovisual exhibition co-curated by Elena Gallen and the editorial team of Lados Magazine.

Besides co-curating and designing this installation, I edited the video piece at the core of the experience: a multi-channel video intertwining interview segments by music artists Fee Reega, Lorena Álvarez, Ainara LeGardón, LCC and PL Girls and graphism, that result in a collective and roaring voice of women’s questioning of parity within cultural industries. 

Amparo Fuentes and Javier Mielgo, initiated the project earlier that year with the series of dialogues and concerts “Diálogos Musicales. Volumen Femme”. They later partnered up with Gallen to design a long-term exhibition within MUSAC’s Espacio Vitrinas. Held from February to June 2016 at MUSAC (Contemporary Art Museum of Castille and Leon), Girls why did you decide to start a band? included parallel activities such as workshops and a printed publication.